Allocate the staff

Surfy is revolutionising workspace management with its solution that analyses and optimises the allocation of fixed workstations. By providing precise access to occupancy rates and available spaces, Surfy simplifies the management of allocations, the tracking of available spaces, and flexible adaptation to changes, including leaves and departures. Its centralised platform offers a 360-degree view on allocations, supports the implementation of hybrid work, and continuously improves the organisation of spaces to meet the needs of the modern business.


Analyse the allocations

The analysis of allocations is accomplished by precise access to occupancy rates, surging, the number of people per workstation, and the distribution of people according to spaces and the organisation.

Seating rate per person

Implement action plans based on the seating rate per person.

Rate of people per workstation

Analyse the rate of people per workstation

Occupancy rates and expansion ratios

Filter the analysis of assignments by the occupancy rate of workstations.

Measure the assignment rate

Measure the assignment rates to optimise the occupancy rate of employees in dedicated areas.

Manage fixed allocations

To manage fixed workstation allocations, Surfy offers an efficient interface to assign employees, constantly find available seats, and regulate all temporary or permanent departures.

Allocate the staff

Facilitate the assignment of employees to fixed workstations.

Visualise available seats on a plan

Get a quick view of available fixed workstations on a digital reference.

Find available spots by organisation or team

Identify all available spots by organisation or team

Manage departures and maternity leaves

Efficiently qualify fixed workstations requiring a temporary (maternity leave) or permanent departure.

Manage all your allocations

Manage all employee allocations by typology: fixed workstation assignment, with/without reservation by space, all centralised for a 360° view.

The assignments to fixed workstations

Manage all employee assignments by assigning them to fixed workstations

Assignments without reservation by district

Assign your employees to a district without reservation.

Assignments with reservations in high-demand spaces

Access occupancy rates to assign workstations with reservations in high-demand spaces.

Have 360-degree visibility of your assignments

Enable a 360-degree view on the management of assignments within the company.

Support the implementation of Flex

Effectively facilitate the implementation of Flex Office by designing the areas concerned, measuring the allocation rate per workstation, and intuitively booking your continually updated workstation.

Design the territories

Be assisted in the division of spaces and different territories.

Measure the assignment rate

Measure the assignment rates to optimise the occupancy rate of employees in dedicated areas.

Reserve workstations

Have a comprehensive overview of all Flex Office workstations to accommodate the on-site presence of employees.

Interoperability with booking solutions

Know exactly which workstations are reserved thanks to interoperability.

Manage multiple types of workstations

Maximise workspace efficiency by integrating a seamless management of hot desks, non-bookable for resource optimisation, drop-in desks for dynamic allocation, flex desks for adaptable use according to changing needs, and reservable desks to ease access and planning. Additionally, gain clarity on shared desks, enabling collaborative use and efficient multiple assignments. This comprehensive approach ensures optimal management of workspaces, meeting various organisational needs and fostering effective collaboration.

Hot desks

Know all the so-called "hot desks" for optimal management of employee assignments.

Flex workstations

Manage all the flex workstations

Reservable workstations

Find out all reservable workstations with just a few clicks.

Shared workstations

Have reliable visibility of workstations that can be shared.

Manage the seating arrangements

To manage your seating, Surfy calculates the total number of seats in your spaces, by collaborative area or provides the seating rate per person.

Count the total number of seats in your spaces

Obtain the total number of seats in your spaces to assess the needs of your organisation.

Seating rate per person

Implement action plans based on the seating rate per person.

For sofas, couches, and collaborative spaces

Know all the seating arrangements in collaborative spaces (sofas, couches, etc.).

Implement hybrid work

For an easy implementation of hybrid work in the company, you have the option to declare the remote work days and the in-office presence of your employees.

Declare remote working days

Implement hybrid working and agilely declare all remote working days for employees.

Declare the days of presence in the office according to the company's agreement

Meticulously manage the days employees are present in the office according to the established company agreement.

Locate the employees

To locate your employees, Surfy offers you the opportunity to easily find them in its search bar, associated lockers, and the Local Security Teams (ELS) of your organisation.

Locate the employee lockers

Know where the employee lockers are located on the Surfy plans

Locate the Local Safety Teams (ELS)

Identify the location of the Local Safety Teams (ELS) through the digital repository.

Easily find where your employees are

Easily locate your employees within your organisation, especially the Facility Management actors and Personal Services staff (Mail, Reception).