Health and Safety

Surfy supports the priority areas of health and safety for individuals and property with an effective and universal digital solution.

Choosing Surfy as your digital building reference is an effective way to participate in the protection of people and property.

Identify the potential hazards in the workplace and assess the risks to health and safety.
Raise awareness with the environmental indicators of spaces, manage the Local Safety Teams (LST) and evacuation plans.
Communicate to all occupants the evacuation plans, the route to equipment, or an emergency exit.

You are

Safety / HSE Manager

Develop and apply QHSE policies, assess and manage occupational risks, comply with standards, train employees on risks, and support effective management of occupational risks.

Surfy assists you with the following issues

Communicate on fire safety

Surfy is revolutionising corporate security management with its digital plans, providing immediate access to vital information in case of an emergency. Users can accurately locate first aid equipment (fire extinguishers, defibrillators) and identify Local Security Teams (ELS), essential for an effective evacuation. Evacuation plans compliant with ISO 7010 ensure clear communication, including routes adapted for people with reduced mobility. This comprehensive approach guarantees maximum responsiveness and enhances the safety of all staff.

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