Human Resources Function

Human Resources must consider the needs and expectations of employees in terms of workspace to promote engagement, well-being, and productivity.

Choosing Surfy as your digital reference means providing plans and data to make information accessible, understandable, and shareable according to user profiles.

Adapt spaces to new ways of working by offering collaborative technologies and flexibility in the use of premises.
Attract and retain employees with work environments that emphasize well-being, inclusion, and flexibility.
Promote engagement through workspaces that encourage collaboration, communication, and well-being.

You are

Human Resources Manager

Optimise employability and equity among employees, organise workspaces efficiently, and adopt hybrid work. Ensure GDPR compliance, enhance the quality of work life, provide a specialised digital tool, ensure transparency of occupancy data, and contribute to organisational performance with an integrated tool.

Surfy assists you with the following issues

Support the implementation of Flex

Effectively facilitate the implementation of Flex Office by designing the areas concerned, measuring the allocation rate per workstation, and intuitively booking your continually updated workstation.

Communicate about the spaces and the plans

Communicate about all the available spaces and plans, particularly regarding the building's services, its safety plans, or the welcome booklet. Surfy also allows the sharing of these data with all IoT devices, service providers, and service solutions.

Manage all your allocations

Manage all employee allocations by typology: fixed workstation assignment, with/without reservation by space, all centralised for a 360° view.

Visualise your meeting rooms

Gain visibility on all your meeting rooms, their locations, capacities, and elements of the inventory.

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