Purchasing Department

Surfy supports the performance of the purchasing policy, the management of teams as well as projects, and enables the optimization of budgets and processes.

Choosing Surfy as your digital building operation reference optimises purchasing processes and facilitates cooperation with all relevant internal and external stakeholders.

Evaluate the needs as well as the resources, costs, and return on investment through reliable and scalable quantitative and qualitative data.
Cooperate with internal clients as well as with suppliers and service providers for a win-win partnership.
Innovate with a collaborative tool that serves a transparent Purchasing strategy to enhance the perceived quality of processes and outcomes.

You are

Indirect Purchasing

Defining and implementing the company's Purchasing strategy requires a methodical and strategic approach. Improving purchasing processes is crucial to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Steering performance through clear indicators allows for real-time strategy adjustment and goal achievement. Accurately assessing internal needs is the first step to developing relevant and targeted tenders. Identifying necessary resources involves a deep understanding of the company's capabilities and the market. Analysing supplier feedback is essential to adjust purchasing strategies and improve relationships. Consolidating the supply chain by strengthening the links between customers and suppliers ensures better fluidity and responsiveness. Guaranteeing the reliability and transparency of purchasing data is fundamental for informed decisions. Finally, perpetuating the quality of the exchanged information strengthens trust and long-term collaboration with partners.

Surfy assists you with the following issues

Analyse the spaces

Access all data by measuring the square metres allocated to spaces by typology, custom layer, nature of spaces/floors, organisation, and cost centres, as well as by the occupancy ratio and workstation.

Master the inventory

Master inventory by managing stocks and performing the accounting inventory from Surfy. Rely on an existing library or customise it according to your needs. The inventory is geolocatable, and its carbon footprint is measurable.

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