Manage safety and compliance with regulations

With Surfy, gain constant access to fire safety and evacuation plans, locate equipment and emergency lighting systems, and manage evacuation plans compliant with ISO 7010 standard for optimal safety.


Communicate on fire safety

Surfy is revolutionising corporate security management with its digital plans, providing immediate access to vital information in case of an emergency. Users can accurately locate first aid equipment (fire extinguishers, defibrillators) and identify Local Security Teams (ELS), essential for an effective evacuation. Evacuation plans compliant with ISO 7010 ensure clear communication, including routes adapted for people with reduced mobility. This comprehensive approach guarantees maximum responsiveness and enhances the safety of all staff.

Locate the emergency equipment

Access to information on fire safety/emergency evacuation is crucial for employees. Surfy's digital plans provide permanent access to plans and reliable data to locate resource persons (ELS: Local Safety Teams) and first aid equipment (fire extinguisher, defibrillator).

Identify the security profiles and the Local Safety Teams (ELS)

Locate on a plan, by district, or organisation your local safety teams (Guide-wire, Wire-clamp) as well as all personnel with specific security training such as your nurses or first aiders.

Manage the evacuation plans

Compliant with the visuals of the ISO 7010 standard, Surfy's digital plans enhance the communication system for emergency evacuations. The availability of these plans is complemented by providing the best route, taking into account the routes for people with reduced mobility.