Campus Universitaire

La Direction, en charge des campus universitaires, a besoin de données pour assurer la pérennité de ses locaux et mener à bien des conduites de changements des espaces.

Gérer vos campus universitaires avec efficacité.

Identifier le nombre de m² de vos bâtiments, revêtements de sols à modifier...

Connaître la surface de vos espaces insalubres aux revêtements dangereux : moisissure, amiante, aplombs.

Orienter les étudiants, collaborateurs partenaires externes en indoor et outdoor.

You are

Campus Spaces Director

Actively oversee the various departments and divisions within the university spaces, designing places that meet the specific needs of teachers and students. It's essential to assess the condition of the facilities to ensure their modernity and functionality. Concurrently, seek to minimize costs associated with spaces, such as furniture, energy consumed, and the surface area used. Visitor safety must be an absolute priority, involving rigorous management and effective preventive measures. Make informed and strategic decisions for the well-being and future development of the campuses and the university as a whole. Regular maintenance of the sites is crucial to maintaining a safe and welcoming environment. Finally, ensure transparent and regular communication regarding the use of spaces, layout plans, and organization of places, to keep the entire university community informed and engaged.

Surfy assists you with the following issues

Qualifying the spaces

Qualify your workspaces with custom typologies, by organisation or cost centre.

Creating layout scenarios

Create layout scenarios with the simple and easy creation of spaces in Surfy. Select the elements to include in your scenario while defining its perimeter: adding or removing floor(s) or building(s).

Master the inventory

Master inventory by managing stocks and performing the accounting inventory from Surfy. Rely on an existing library or customise it according to your needs. The inventory is geolocatable, and its carbon footprint is measurable.

Communicate about the spaces and the plans

Communicate about all the available spaces and plans, particularly regarding the building's services, its safety plans, or the welcome booklet. Surfy also allows the sharing of these data with all IoT devices, service providers, and service solutions.

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