Design and optimise the spaces

Surfy enables a detailed qualification of workspaces, incorporating custom typologies, allocation by organisation or cost centre, and communication on building services and layouts. This approach enriches space management, promotes precise analysis by typology, organisation, and costs, whilst allowing for dynamic inventory management and 2D/3D modelling for optimised layout scenarios.


Qualifying the spaces

Qualify your workspaces with custom typologies, by organisation or cost centre.

Qualify spaces by typologies

Office, OpenSpace, Pods, or Meeting Rooms, you can customise the typologies according to your vocabulary and associate them with the spaces

Classify by cost centre

Use cost centres to classify spaces and facilitate recharging

Classify the spaces by organisation

Associate the spaces with teams, services, directorates, or business units to understand the usage of spaces by your organisational structure.

Create custom layers

Customize the layers you associate with each space to organize buildings as you wish, for example, floor types, nature of spaces, or cleaning frequencies are useful layers.

Communicate about the spaces and the plans

Communicate about all the available spaces and plans, particularly regarding the building's services, its safety plans, or the welcome booklet. Surfy also allows the sharing of these data with all IoT devices, service providers, and service solutions.

Communicate about the building's services

Communicate about all the services of your buildings, including gymnasiums, breastfeeding rooms, restaurants, cafes, or services related to Quality of Work Life (QWL).

Share the safety plans

Share the safety plans of your building.

Welcome booklet

Add the information of your building in your welcome booklet to greet employees, offer your services, and guide your visitors.

Share with service providers

Centralise all essential information to share with your FM, Mail, Cleaning, or Maintenance service providers.

Share with IoT and service solutions

Enrich and complete the data of your spaces through the interoperability of IoT and service solutions connected to Surfy.

Analyse the spaces

Access all data by measuring the square metres allocated to spaces by typology, custom layer, nature of spaces/floors, organisation, and cost centres, as well as by the occupancy ratio and workstation.

The occupancy ratios

For a maximum analysis of your spaces, Surfy provides you access to the number of square metres per workstation, the occupancy ratio, and the cramming rate.

Measure the allocated square metres

Measure the square metres allocated according to needs, whether by typology, nature of spaces/floors, organisation, cost centre, or even customised via an analysis layer.

Master the inventory

Master inventory by managing stocks and performing the accounting inventory from Surfy. Rely on an existing library or customise it according to your needs. The inventory is geolocatable, and its carbon footprint is measurable.

Geolocate your furniture

Position the furniture and equipment and find them with a single click

Measure the carbon footprint of the furniture

Quickly measure the carbon footprint of your furniture.

Customize your inventory

Customize by modelling and personalizing all the equipment.

Carry out the accounting inventory

To conduct your accounting inventory, it is possible to: retain the asset codes of all your equipment, know their purchase dates, and their supplier references.

Manage the inventory

Manage inventory efficiently by having access to the count of equipment, and a list of the inventory that can be exported in PDF or Excel format.

Model the workspaces

Model new workspaces in both 2D and 3D with the goal of defining the entire nomenclature of your workspaces, thereby better positioning or repositioning them.

2D plans of the spaces

Gain visibility on the modelling of your spaces in 2D

3D plans of the spaces

Gain visibility on the modelling of your spaces in 3D

Create your plans in 2D

Create your plans in 2D and name all your created spaces/rooms.

Position your workstations

Position all existing or planned workstations of the company.

Define the nomenclature of spaces

Define the nomenclature used within your company for spaces or workstations

Creating layout scenarios

Create layout scenarios with the simple and easy creation of spaces in Surfy. Select the elements to include in your scenario while defining its perimeter: adding or removing floor(s) or building(s).

Easily and quickly create space scenarios

In the context of fittings, easily and quickly generate scenarios for an accurate simulation according to your criteria.

Select the elements to include in your scenario

Select the elements to include in a scenario, thereby facilitating the remodelling experience.

Define the scope of the scenarios

Choose the scope of the scenarios by selecting only certain floors or buildings that require new layouts or renovations.